Fins Feathers Photos | Wood Stork Rookery Life

Images from an afternoon at a wood stork rookery in a remote area of coastal Georgia. I was privileged to be able to witness the mating rituals and nest building activity of about 200 pairs of endangered wood storks, along with great and snowy egrets and the denizens of the waters around the rookery. Wood storks are listed as endangered in the Carolinas and Georgia, but they are resting there in greater numbers, struggling to adapt to the loss of historic habitat in the Florida evergrlades.
rookerywood stork on the wingflight patternOn the movefinal approachprecision landingbowing displaywing displaythis is my nestsnuggle storkswe're in love and we don't care who knows itlove songslove duetcopulation startspublic display of affectionbaby let me take you for a rideecstacy of the storkspassionate kissesthroes of passionflyover