Fins Feathers Photos | Petra
Photos from a one-day visit to the famed archeological site of Petra in Southern Jordan. Most Americans know of Petra as the site of part of the story Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and have seen images of the so-called Treasury. But Petra was the principle city of the Nabatean people from about 100 BC to 300 CE, and was used in the Byzantine period up to about 500 CE. Most of the dwellings and tombs were literally carved out of the sandstone hills, but a few buildings, like the Great Temple, were assembled from milled stone. These images pay tribute to the ancient peoples and their architecture and building skills, and to the current occupants, mostly Bedouin people providing hand-crafted goods and four-legged transportation to visitors from all over the world.
Bedouin rider on the road to PetraRoadside shop on the road to Petraobelisk tombEntrance to el SiqThe buggy option for entering PetraBedouin buggy driverBedouin buggy driver 2Through el SiqThrough el Siq 2Through el Siq 3Ancient tomb facade in el SiqInside el SiqWalking el SiqEmerging from el SiqFirst view of treasuryThe Treasury appearsThe Treasury growscamel and treasurycamels at restcamels waiting for first fare of the day