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Some of the most colorful and interesting creatures on coral reefs are sponges, which are in fact animals. They filter enormous amounts of water, straining out nutrients for themselves and pumping clean water back into the ocean. They serve as habitat for many other reef animals, including fish, crabs and tiny anemones and zoanthids. And they are a photographer's dream, since they don't move, they are extremely colorful, and their patterns are works of art in themselves.
azure vase spongelump spongelumpy pinksponge and surgeonfishsponge detailsponge with zoanthidsstar encrusting spongestarry spongezoanthid covered spongeorange encrusting spongeorange spongesbroadstripe goby and spongeazure sponge detailred hind and spongeorange sponge and lionfishsponge and squirrelfishsponge and diverbarrel spongespongescape with durgonsponge-asm