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The ACE Basin is a huge estuarine system in southeastern South Carolina, named for the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Rivers that carry fresh water from the coastal plain to the waters of Port Royal Sound. ACE Basin is a prime birding area, thanks to its vast marshes and old rice impoundments. In winter, ACE Basin is home to migrants from the far north such as tundra swans, white pelicans and American avocets. Year-round it is home to a wide range of herons, egrets and other wading and shorebirds.
whooperwhoopsmarch of the avocetavocet catchswimming swanThere they go!swan runway 2synchronicitysquadrontandem flightinto the wild blue yondereagle roostsoaringlanding fieldHi honey, I'm homedowitcher drippingdragonfly on stemyellowlegs mirroredhair-raisin' kingfishergreater and lesser yellowlegs