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Pelicans are fascinating birds. Brown pelicans, nearly driven to extinction by DDT less than 50 years ago, are now common on most American coastlines, soaring single file low over the surf and then plunging in to fill their voluminous beaks. Relatively drab as youngsters, brown pelicans grow up to acquire beautiful coloring around the head and neck, and wonderfully variegated wing feathers. White pelicans winter on the Gulf and Southeast coasts, but nest and spend summers in the prairies of the Northwest. Boasting an 8-foot wingspan, rivaled only by the California condor, the white pelican does not dive for food but rather swims on the surface and scoops up its prey. These photos include both juvenile and adult brown pelicans as well as white pelicans in winter grounds in Florida and South Carolina.
coming in the channelbeautiful pelicancrowded LZInterspecies momentGulping it downpelican wingsAnd away he goesreaching outPelican on the goone splash at a timepelican hip hoppelican tip toeskimming the surfacedig in!big trap for a little fishThat's a mouthful!fill 'er upGood going downbigmouth 2not a nest