Fins Feathers Photos | Rookery Characters

A gallery of the residents of a Florida wading bird rookery, featuring babies of all ages, and the adults that support them, including snowy egrets with their gaudy displays; colorful roseate spoonbills; tri-colored herons; wood storks and great egrets. There are also a few alligators. Why? Wading birds nest in gator-filled swamps, because the gators protect the nests from marauding raccoons. The gators do occasionally catch a baby bird that has fallen from the nest, as you will see in the last photo.
baby wood stork under mom's protectionDays old and fully alertfeathers and quillsdays olddirect depositgang feedingMadonna and childMom, I gotta tell you somethingnest gossipOn the nestpresenting their demandsI need to tell you a secretAnything for me, mommy?Yuk!gag me with a spoonbillDigging deepfeeding timeGoing for brokeReaching outGotta be a fish in here somewhere