Fins Feathers Photos | Refugees from Burma

This gallery contains photographs taken in northwest Thailand and eastern Burma, featuring refugees from the mountains of eastern Burma. The Burmese regime has been oppressing various ethnic groups throughout the country for decades to drive them out of their traditional homelands so they can be opened up for agricultural and mineral exploitation. More then 200,000 refugees are estimated to be living in Thailand, most in refugee camps, others living and working, sometimes illegally, in Thailand. In addition, tens of thousands of hill tribe people still live in Burma in IDP (internally displaced people) camps, having been driven from their homes by the Burmese army. These photos were taken in three locations: Mae Sot, Thailand, where many NGOs are located to help refugees; Mae La refugee camp, north of Mae Sot, in Thailand; and a training camp for medics in Burma.
smiling refugeekaren mother and daughterrefugee boyschool principalmodern Karen girlcarrying basketcarrying graingirl and barbed wirenervous boyrefugeekaren womanmedic 4yellow dressgrandmother and grandsonrefugee boyweepy childpainted girlrefugee grillNo chopsticksrefugee woman