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This gallery is devoted to images of nestling wading birds in rookeries. Baby egrets, herons and wood storks are some of the most photogenic and adorable creatures in the natural world. The egrets and herons, with what appear to be wild hairdos and insanely manic eyes, are bound to make you laugh, and the wood stork chicks, seemingly humble and shy, make you want to hug them. But they are all wild animals, just trying to survive by getting their parents' attention and food. They have to eat enough to grow from helpless hatchlings to full-grown birds capable of flying and hunting in just a few weeks. This leads to intense competition, not always with great results.
mama, baby and eggsmama, when is my little brother coming-big mouthful for little chickI'm not big enough to sit on these eggsCan I help, mama?fish deliverybon apetit!egret family 1peek-a-boobaby egretsnow pay attention, this is importantPlease mom! More fish!Wing testI'm begging you!chain reactionfeeding timedelivering a mess of fishFrom father to sonregurgitate for tworegurgitate for two 2